Do you install Carpet or tile?

We currently do not install Carpet or tile. At the moment we only install hardwood flooring or LVP fooring.

Do you have a showroom to see?

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom for customers, we do however have samples for you to see. When you contact our estimator we will show you either stain samples or floor samples depending on what you want to see.

Can you refinish engineered hardwood flooring?
Yes, engineered hardwood floors can be refinished, The flooring is still wood and can be stained and finished to your desired results.

What happens if there is a problem with the installation?

If there is a problem we will try our best to work it out with you. The most common problem is when dealing with subfloor being unleveled or rotten from old age or water.  If there is a problem with the schedule then we can work that out for a later date as well.

My floor has dark spots on it, can that be fixed?

Some dark spots  can be fixed during the refinishing process. However, if the dark spots are too  deep in to  the wood ,

 we recommend a dark stain color  , check pictures on gallery for the results, you will save money so we don't have to repair anything and you will still get a nice look on your floor.

Am I responsible for moving furniture?

Yes, you are responsible for furniture removal. However, when it comes to necessary items  like pianos or big refrigerator , those can stay where they are, but it will be extra charge , we will move them temporarily when we install in that area and place them back.

Is there a charge for coming back to fix something?

There is usually not a charge for a fix if the error was part of something we did ourselves or perhaps a very minor mistake on your part, however, there may be a charge if the error is much larger, you will have to speak with our contractor to determine what will happen.

How long will it take to complete the installation?

It all depends on what you want to be done and how many rooms or how big of an area you want to have done, Most average jobs take 2-4 days to install. Usually, hardwood installations with staining and finishing can take 4-6 days, Engineered flooring usually takes 3-5 days and LVP installations can take 2-4 days. 

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