An unfinished hardwood is shipped from the factory without the expected coating or finishing. A finish is a top coat that enhances the shine, give colour and emphasize smoothness of a sanded wood. The entire sanding, staining and finishing coat will be applied after installation on-site.

Even though unfinished wood is seldom sold nowadays, a lot of meticulous designers or homeowners will prefer using it instead of pre-finished one’s because it allows better uniformity as to stain, color and finish. What is good about it is that it will be easier to match the floor to the wall color

Pros of unfinished Flooring

  • One solid surface—it is flatter, and may be slightly more waterproof.
  • Available in more widths and wood species than pre-finished flooring and can be matched to existing wood floors.
  • Fewer problems in the long run. You don’t have the beveled edges breaking up the flow. wears better because flatter and one solid surface , any liquid or dirt won’t get into the subfloor because of the solid surface.
  • Your choice of floor style, color, and finish: You are able to choose from multiple choices of stains and finishes for your desired color and protection.You may also choose your type of wood floor and size.

Cons of unfinished Flooring

  • ​​More skill is needed for installation. It’s a tricky process, so you need to make sure your installer is a skilled pro.
  • More expensive. Because it’s a more difficult and longer process, it can be more expensive.
  • Time Consuming to install: Due to the sanding proccess, staining, and finishing.